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Med Spa Brevard Florida, RIVER MED SPA
Med Spa Brevard Florida, RIVER MED SPA

River Med Spa combines medical science with medical aesthetics to steal years from your appearance, elating your mood and brightening your smile.

River Med Spa provides professional medical treatments that rejuvenate body, mind, and soul both for men and women.

Our wide range of medical aesthetic services is tailored to individual needs and desires.

Our expert team of doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and estheticians will provide you with age-reversing medical treatments that are customized just for you.

Start with an aesthetic consultation that utilizes advanced imaging to reveal UV damage & blemishes, wrinkles, pore size, vascularities, and acne-associated porphyrins deep in the skin – to ensure treatments are optimized for your needs, wants, and skin characteristics.

Experience the benefits of rejuvenation on the breath-taking marina in one of Florida’s most charming villages…Cocoa Village.

Med Spa Brevard Florida, RIVER MED SPA

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Med Spa Brevard Florida, RIVER MED SPA

Dr. Burstein designed this graphic.  The repeated incorporation of the circle is meant to symbolize & emphasize woman.  The grouped circles are meant to depict hugging and embrace — which is the IWD 2023 theme, as well as to depict reaching the sky and clouds.  The graphic also incorporates the IWD colors — which are purple, intended to symbolize justice & dignity, green, which symbolizes hope, and white, which symbolizes purity.  The image in the center is intended to depict a woman running, climbing and ultimately achieving.  International Women’s Day began in New York, 1908, with 15,000 women marching for shorter hours, better pay and voting rights.  The motto at the bottom denotes the accomplishments toward these original objectives.

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Med Spa Brevard Florida, RIVER MED SPA

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Med Spa Brevard Florida, RIVER MED SPA